Continuing Airworthiness

Continuing Airworthiness

Our CAMO aims to maintain the airworthiness of your Aircraft in accordance with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) régulations for light aviation below 5700 KG. As part of a CAMO contract we are responsible for the technical monitoring and control of the device. Administrative matters, including with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) are managed by us.

This includes for example :
Periodic Review of Aircraft (ARC)
Responsibility of the airworthiness of your aircraft
Monitoring the maintenance of your device
Application of Airworthiness Directives : AD (Airworthiness Directive)
Monitoring and management of manufacturer’s instructions : SB (Service Bulletin)
Management of technical files



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Thanks to our privilege Part-CAMO, we manage the continuing airworthiness your aircraft, as well as continuous visibility of its airworthiness.


We develop complete and detailed Aircraft Maintenance Programs (AMPs), according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, and adapted to your operating conditions. These AMPs comply with the requirements of EASA and FOCA and can be written in V3.1 FOCA or M.A.302 format.



You will find our certifications under Business Areas in the main menu at the top of the page. By clicking on the images of our Approval Certificate or our Capability List you will have the assurance of our competences concerning the management of the airworthiness of your aircraft


We have the Part-CAMO privilege allowing us to perform airworthiness reviews and to issue Airworthiness Review Certificates Form15b or recommendations to FOCA for the issuance of Form15a Certificates by the Authority. This also for planes that are not followed by our CAMO


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  • Facilitate the complex administrative and technical task of an aircraft owner
  • Keep your aircraft airworthy
  • Ensure and optimize the budget of operators / owners
  • Maintain compliance with EASA / FOCA
  •  Increase the value of your aircraft

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